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Gifted Magnet


Gifted Magnet

"District Eleven's all-day, every day program for Gifted and Talented students"


Left to Right: Mrs. Fromuth, Mrs. Anderson, and Mrs. Morrow


Wendy Fromuth (3rd Grade) has been a teacher for over 20 years. Mrs. Fromuth has taught both elementary and middle school. She worked as a literacy coach for several years. She has taught the third grade Gifted Magnet Program since the third grade program began in 2012. She is the parent of two teen-agers who both went through the Gifted Magnet Program, and she understands the joys and struggles gifted children encounter. Mrs. Fromuth loves the challenge of teaching gifted students – often learning alongside her students as they pose thought-provoking questions. When she is not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her family, hiking, scrapbooking, and reading.

Julie Anderson (4th Grade) is beginning her 16th year of teaching. Mrs. Anderson has her BA in elementary education from BYU, her master’s degree in reading from Adams State College, and a Colorado endorsement in gifted education. Her best source of teaching in the Gifted Magnet Program has been seeing the excitement in her students as well as her own four children as they went through the GMP program. Hearing their insights and ideas, make learning the exciting adventure she loves most! When she’s not in school, she loves enjoying time with her husband and their family, traveling, trying new recipes, and camping.

Mackenzie Morrow (5th Grade) is beginning her second year in the GMP program at Fremont. She is a third generation teacher and loves what she does. Mrs. Morrow is native to Colorado Springs and attended all D11 schools including Audubon, Irving, and Palmer. She graduated from UCCS and has been teaching for 6 years now. She loves to make learning fun but challenging. Building relationships with her students is what she cares about most of all. She is married raising two children and taking care of several pets, including the class pet Drogo! Away from school she love decorating cakes, being outside, and traveling.

Begin by going to D11's Gifted Magnet Program (GMP)

 Gifted Magnet Program at Fremont (Serving Grades 3, 4 & 5)

 Frequently Asked Questions

What does GMP stand for?
GMP is an acronym for D-11’s Gifted Magnet Program. Our program combines multiple disciplines wherever possible, resulting in a differentiated settings that are less teacher-centered than the traditional classroom. We carry this out in a “working lab” type atmosphere.

What’s the history of the program?
Our GMP program came out of the HATC (Highly Academic and Talented Children) Program, first offered many years ago. HATC was later reincorporated as the SAIL Program at Stratton and Irving MS (later Sabin MS). In 1998 Fremont was chosen as a new  elementary site. We’re proud to be one of the oldest gifted magnet programs in the state of Colorado!

Who is eligible for the GMP?
Students identified as gifted and talented in District Eleven may apply for the GMP Program. Students may apply for third, fourth, and fifth grade GMP while in grades two, three and four. Any child outside of the district is eligible to complete an application.

What’s the difference between GMP and the regular classroom?
The goal of any gifted magnet school is to deliver instruction in a qualitatively different way than how students receive instruction in a mixed-ability classroom. Both teach the same material (as set forth by both Colorado and Common Core Standards), but the GMP curriculum is taken to a deeper and broader level of discussion and understanding in magnet classrooms. Best practices from the field of gifted education are also incorporated into the program.

What are “best practices” in the field of gifted education?
GMP teachers deliberately incorporate curriculum plans developed by leading experts in the field of gifted education. For instance, George Betts and his Autonomous Learner Model are world-renowned amongst g/t educators. We use his helpful ideas as suggestions for students as they conduct in-depth research. We use material from experts to teach important concepts, such as complexity and elaboration in the creative production process, and also address the affective needs of gifted children.

Are GMP class sizes different from the regular classroom?
Classes are similar in size to other 3rd, 4th, & 5th grade classes in the district.

What is the curriculum like in GMP?
Many interdisciplinary projects (where content crosses into a variety of subject areas, i.e., math, science & writing) are assigned throughout the school year. Students work with a peer group of gifted and talented classmates. The class tends to move along through topics at a faster pace, going more in-depth, while stretching student thinking.

How much homework will I have in GMP?
Homework is assigned to increase student achievement through extension of content. Most work is completed in school, with adequate class time given for most projects. Homework generally isn’t more than 30 minutes a night. This will vary based on use of class time and the individual speed of each child.

Where is the Elementary GMP Program located?
Fremont Elementary and Stratton Elementary each have 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade GMP classrooms. This allows the district to serve up to 50 students per grade level in our elementary Gifted Magnet Program.

Is transportation provided for a child to attend a GMP program?
Transportation may be provided based on space availability.  Please email your request for transportation to Mrs. Squires at, and she will contact you.

Is there a cost to be in the GMP Program?
Nothing beyond regular school costs for field trips, band, orchestra, etc.

How do I apply for GMP?
Applications are available online, at the GT Office, and in the schools. Students may visit Fremont at any point in the process. Please call the school to arrange your own “shadow” time with the GMP teacher. Applications are due to Fremont or the GT Office  when complete. Applications are rolling and families will be notified upon acceptance.

 Fremont Gifted Magnet Program
5110 El Camino Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
(719) 328-5600 

More information about D11's Gifted Magnet Program can be found by clicking here.